Dec. 8, 2014 Question: I have spoken with seven people at the Social Security Administration and gotten five different answers to my question. I want to draw Social Security from my ex-husband of 30 years at my present age, 62. I know that is not my full retirement age, and I would receive a reduced.. read more →

My wife would like to retire at 62. Would it be better for to use the funds from her 401(k) first to get to the age of 65 before filing for Social Security? Every situation is different. But it can be beneficial for many individuals to consider waiting to at least full retirement age (FRA).. read more →

For most Americans, Social Security will provide a significant portion of their income in retirement. One of the biggest mistakes today’s retirees can make is to underestimate how important Social Security is to their retirement income strategies. Consider the following: Age:The earliest age at which you can file for Social Security (unless you qualify for.. read more →

Click the link below to view our Informational Graphic on Social Security Retirement Benefits: Social Security Retirement Benefits Basics Would you like more information? Give our office a call at 813-254-9500 Source: John Boyer, Inc. read more →

Great Article on Cost Of Living Adjustments and Social Security Social Security benefits are likely to increase by 1.7% in 2015, slightly more than this year’s 1.5% increase but still well below average increases over the past few decades, according to an unofficial projection by the Senior Citizens League. The Social Security Administration will issue.. read more →

What is Your Plan to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits? What is the best way for you to take your Social Security benefits? This is a very important question we get all the time as people are planning for retirement. Social Security represents a retirement asset to you, and if you manage it incorrectly it.. read more →

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