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People say they want to wait longer to claim Social Security, but life often gets in the way. A Nationwide Retirement Institute survey of Americans 50 years and older found that 83 percent of recent retirees started taking their benefits before their full retirement age, receiving 49 percent less in benefits than if they would.. read more →

Social Security may be America’s favorite octogenarian. Two out of 3 Americans view Social Security, which turned 80 years old Friday, as one of the most important government programs, according to a new AARP survey. That view has remained consistent in AARP polling since 1995. And 82 percent of Americans said it is important to.. read more →

10 Top Social Security Questions for Divorced Spouses By Mary Beth Franklin The phenomenon of gray divorce — the term for married couples who decide to split up in later life — has become a fixture of American culture and a challenge for the financial planning profession. The best-laid retirement plans for married couples seldom.. read more →

Approaching Retirement, Should You Use 401K/IRA Funds or Take Social Security? Many baby boomers face the same dilemma as they approach retirement:  during that “bridge” period between the time they retire and the time they reach full retirement age (at 66) or maximum retirement age (at 70), should they use the funds from their retirement account.. read more →

Make the right Social Security choices It’s your last, best chance to fatten your nest egg. But all too often, new retirees undermine their own financial security by claiming Social Security too early, and without regard to strategy. Indeed, the amount you receive in monthly benefits is largely determined by the age at which you.. read more →

Dec. 8, 2014 Question: I have spoken with seven people at the Social Security Administration and gotten five different answers to my question. I want to draw Social Security from my ex-husband of 30 years at my present age, 62. I know that is not my full retirement age, and I would receive a reduced.. read more →

Social Security: Faces and facts tell the story of disability Every family has stories — stories are a great way to carry on family legacies, pass lessons on to future generations, and share what is important to your family with the rest of the world. Your family stories may include ones about the birth of.. read more →

Social Security Q&A: Can I Collect Spouse’s or Ex-Spouse’s Benefits if I Remarried after 60? Social Security may be your largest or one of your largest assets. How you manage it, by deciding which benefits to collect and when, can make an absolutely huge difference to your lifetime benefits. And those with the highest past covered earnings have.. read more →